MOM! Momma! Mom! Momm! Mommmmmmmm!

Who else hears that one thousand times a day?

Show of hands?


Let me introduce myself, I am Jennifer, a crazy, busy, loving, diabetic Momma of four adorable, yet obnoxious kids and future Wife of one patient and amazing dude. 


Luckily, it’s not of triplets like my gif here. Lol, but there are days that I feel like I run fight club. I was recently just telling my husband that our kids were like the fight scene between the sisters in the Guardians of the Galaxy #2 movie. Trying to kill each other, than saving each other, then arguing over who won after they beat the crap out of each other. 


I talk a lot about my kids, my future husband (which I just call my husband most of the time) and my Diabetes. I’m not always interesting, but sometimes, I am hilarious. Follow me and enjoy the show!