The Hungry Momma

MOM! Momma! Mom! Momm! Mommmmmmmm!

Who else hears that one thousand times a day?

Show of hands?


Let me introduce myself, I am Jennifer, a crazy, busy, loving, diabetic Momma of four adorable, yet obnoxious kids and of one patient and amazing dude. 


Luckily, it’s not of triplets like my gif here. Lol, but there are days that I feel like I run fight club. I was recently just telling my husband that our kids were like the fight scene between the sisters in the Guardians of the Galaxy #2 movie. Trying to kill each other, than saving each other, then arguing over who won after they beat the crap out of each other. 


I talk a lot about my kids, my husband, our marriage, my insane LOVE of food, and my Diabetes. I’m not always interesting, but sometimes, I am hilarious. Follow me and enjoy the show!