Meal Planning…Ugh, more like, More work on top of your already busy life…

Meal Planning is essential to Diabetics, or anyone on a diet for that matter. Basically, the more you plan, the less likely you are to “cheat” or grab something super unhealthy on the fly. Meal planning is the ban of my existence….when I am actually doing it. Once I have done it, my meals are made, packed and in the work fridge and I know what I am eating for the week….it’s a god send.

Meal Planning can seem complicated, expensive and insanely taxing. But once you get the hang of it, it’s not bad and utilizing stores like Costco or Sams club, can be your best friend.

First ask yourself what your favorite healthy foods are…

Then categorize them in to meats, veggies, snacks….etc.

For example:

My favorite meats are Chicken, Fish, Turkey and Pork.

I love all veggies, but easy cook ones you can steam or fry up in coconut oil are Broccoli, sweet peas, squash, cabbage and cauliflower.

Snacks for me are Granola, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Berries…and raw veggies.

Make sure ALL of your breads or pastas (If you use them) are WHOLE GRAINS. Meaning the first ingredient listed is 100% whole grains. This make that Simple carb that spikes your sugar in to a Complex carb which breaks down over time.

Now there are so many recipes out there for preplanned meals, they get complicated and therefore overload my anxiety and my brains. I keep it super simple.


Boiled eggs: These are like 1/3 a carb, eat 6 if you need to feel full, because they are also a great source of Protein. (Which is ALWAYS a Diabetics friend)

Oatmeal: I have this great recipe for Overnight Oats that I got off of Pinterest!!! They are simple to make! Hit Dollar Tree, and get some cheap glass jars, toss in ingredients, store them in the fridge all week long! (Can also be a random snack if your sugar is low)

Granola: I put this on my Oatmeal, just a couple tablespoons to livin’ it up.

Greek Yogurt FULL FAT! Always full fat, Low carbs and high fats are great!


I pick a meat, and a veggie, and cook them various ways to keep it interesting, add is quinoa or brown rice and BOOM, lunch for the week. Quick, easy, barely any prep time.


Oh Dinner, the hard one. The one where I am home, cooking for my family, who doesn’t have to have such a restricted diet…

With Dinner, some nights, I have the ability to eat MY healthy food and cook them their normal dinners, other times I am just trying to portion control and make sure I take my insulin. Let’s be honest, I am human and I am going to screw this up a lot. As long as I am making an effort, it’s progress right?

Moral of the story, is don’t let meal planning scare you, you can make it really simple, and affordable without much effort.


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