Finding new foods that are healthy….and tasty!

I’ve been trying to stick with healthy choices only, even shying away from whole grains. Carbs of any kind aren’t really my friend, even the complex ones.

Tonight I made Teriyaki Chicken, I had Extreme Wellness Tortilla wraps for it, but today my sugars were kinda high so I was wary about any grains. My genius husband came up with the idea to use cabbage. It was delicious!

I found a healthy Teriyaki sauce, marinated the chicken, cooked and shredded it and then just placed it on the cabbage and chowed down!

These are the discoveries that I live for! I have always thought that being a Diabetic meant that I was never going to enjoy food if I followed my diet. Taking ideas from the Keto Diet, High fat Low carb diets and just sometimes making it up as I go, I have started to actually ENJOY healthy eating!

I really want to know some of your recipes that you have discovered! Please share them with me!


2 thoughts on “Finding new foods that are healthy….and tasty!

    • Thank you!!! Did them myself! It gave me better motivation, before when I tried to stick to one specific diet, it cost too much or it was really hard to comprehend and follow…so I always fell off the wagon. This time I adapted the styles of food I needed for my own and it is working out a whole lot better.


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