Sugar Levels…I don’t have ducks, I don’t have rows, I have Squirrels on crack at a rave!

Earlier mentioned I have been in the hospital a few times this year with sugar levels over 600. Excessive right, and each time I could tell you exactly what I ate to get it there….THAT DAY….. my levels have been sitting in the 400-500 range anyways, so it was an inevitability to sky rocket them. I have an issue with BAD foods. I love Egg nog, which landed me in the hospital on my most recent visit, hitting my levels close to 700. Let me tell you…EggNog=BAD. There is absolutely no substitute out there either. I will never be allowed to touch the stuff again unless by some miracle my levels hit like 50 and there is some nearby and I want to boost them fast. ( Safer to just stay away from it all together) Another time was Pecan pie, this one though, there are substitutes…..they taste like straight A$$, but they are available.

SODA! Oh, merciless and delicious carbonated water of the gods……is a serious addiction for me, I am happy to report I kicked said addiction when I went to the hospital for the Egg Nog debacle. At the time, I was drinking a 2 liter a day of Cherry Pepsi… least, well let’s be honest…on the good days.

Now remember when I said I was sitting in the 400-500 range ALL THE TIME….Soda! I know there are others out there like me, I know you love your soda and you don’t want to give it up, using excuses like ” My Doctor said if I HAD to have a sugary drink, just to drink the normal one, because diet is baaaaad” Yeah, so is death. (That was my favorite excuse by the way, and she meant like 8 ounces, not a whole damn 2 liter in 20 minutes)

La Croix Sparkling water is a life saver! Seriously, No sodium, No sweeteners, heavy carbonation and delicious array of flavors to choose from, and folks…..YOU CAN FIND IT AT THE DOLLAR TREE!!! So when I crave soda hard, I take down one of those suckers and it instantly ceases my craving.

I am super excited to report that my wake up Blood Sugar was 474 four weeks ago ( not the exciting part…obvi..wait for it) and 4 weeks later my wake up was 222 this morning, still not my goal of 180 or less, but PROGRESS!

We all want pasta, potatoes(mmmmmmmm papas), candy bars, grains, bread, cheese its…etc. but at the cost of our lives? I hit my breaking point, now I am on this train and I’m staying.

Now if I could just tie in some exercise….being active…..I would be golden. Baby steps!

What are your greatest addictions?

Which foods are hardest for you to stay away from?

What methods do you use to try not to partake in said foods?

Talk to me, I want to know.


One thought on “Sugar Levels…I don’t have ducks, I don’t have rows, I have Squirrels on crack at a rave!

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