The Hungry Momma Diet

So. Many. FAD. Diets.

Ugh, they are everywhere you turn. Paleo Diet, Keto Diet, South Beach Diet, Low carb diet, LCHF diet, Vegan Diet(No meat!!!)….it never stops. The question is, which one is best? I personally believe that a balance of them all is best and I’m calling my diet the HUNGRY MOMMA DIET…(I am in no way asking anyone to follow this diet, it is mine and my own, if you like it and choose to modify it to yourself, that is your choice)

Each diet has so many great recipes and ideas. If I want a meatless meal, I look up vegan recipes and I keep them for when I am going without meat. Sometimes, I want super high protein meals, because my sugars have been too high. In that case I go for Keto, Paleo and LCHF recipes. When I want to eat something sweet, I look back at vegan, and South Beach for low carb recipes that I can make with vegetables.

With this diet, I have, at this time, given up all pastas, breads that are not 100% whole wheat, I have also taken my bean intake to like 5% of the time, and given up potatoes all together. So, all the highest starches are completely gone.

When it is possible I am substituting Tortilla for lettuce or cabbage as well. My dinner always depends on my wake up sugar that day and my sugars throughout the day. If I feel it was high in the morning, I look at what I ate the night before and modify my meal to have less carbs. My sugar was 275 when I woke up yesterday, I had Whole wheat bagel sandwiches for dinner with cream cheese and chicken, cottage cheese with peaches for dessert. Last night I did not eat the tortilla, I substituted with cabbage for my wraps, and had 2 tbsp of greek yogurt for a “sweet”. This morning my wake up was 222. So it was better.

I am modifying this everyday, and creating it as it goes. I am also making myself a recipe book. By writing all these recipes I come up with on the fly, I can go back to them later, otherwise I tend to forget.

Tell me what you guys think about this? Do you do the same for yourself? How do you manage high wake up sugars?

***Disclaimer: I am never trying to lose weight, only control my sugar, any recipes, ideas, foods…etc. I promote are for the control of blood sugar. I will never promote weight loss on my blog, I may discuss it, but will not promote it.***







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