A little introduction to my 3 ring circus!

You have read some of my blogs…I HOPE! Lol, so I guess it is time to introduce me. I always freeze when people ask me “Who are you? Describe yourself…”

Me: “Ummmm, I am……me?”


You ever sit in Therapy and they ask you “How would your friends describe you?”

Weeelllll….Two scoops of crazy with a side of coo coo cachoo!


I am a Mother first and foremost, and due to unforeseen circumstances, I have basically been a mother since I was like 12. Woah, calm down, I didn’t have any babies until 19, I raised my little sister and brother, or “helped raise” as my parents say. That is a huge long sad story I am not going to post. My mother loves me dearly and loved us all, she just had her own issues.

Anyways, I am a Mom.


I have 4 Wonderful kids…by wonderful I mean tiny little mini me clones that are full of sarcasm and snarkiness…..

But those are my tiny little mini me clones full of snark and sarcasm! Keegan is 12, Isabelle is 11, Elijah is 9 and Jonathan is 8. Yes folks, one right after the other. Yes, I know what birth control is, no it wasn’t a cold winter and yes, I do, in fact, have a tv. Lol

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I was fortunate enough to get 4 very intelligent, quirky kids that have a few challenges. What’s life without a challenge though right? If it wasn’t challenging, it would be boring! My two older children have ADHD combined, which just means that they are ‘Extra’ (that IS the new slang term right? Am I using it right? Yes, I am THAT Mom.) The both of them are always doing so many things at once, that nothing gets done, it is actually really comical most of the time. To be a Mother of 4 children you have to have a great sense of humor, to be a mother with 4 children that have disorders, you have to have a crap ton of patience, a great sense of humor and you have to be able to laugh A LOT of things off.

tenor (1)

My younger 2 have been diagnosed so many things and finally this year go through their Autism screenings, which is probably what they should have been diagnosed in the first place. They are very high functioning, but they have ‘quirks’ as I call them. I honestly love my kids more than anything, they have taught me how to be strong and how to not let an ailment rule you. I am so proud of them all. Most days. I am sure in the future I will talk more about each of them individually, and at random!

After a Mom, I am a Wife. Some say this one should come first, culturally speaking. Especially our culture, we are hispanic, in our culture you are a Wife and then a mother. I expect my husband to be a father and then a husband as well and he is. To both of us our children come first. Although, at dinner time, the age old question “Who do you feed first? Spouse or the children? ” We feed each other first and then the kids. There is always more than enough food in our house, it is just a matter of if I cook, I make my husbands plate and then my kids and he does the same. He is my hero, my partner, my other half of my soul ( Yes, I sound gooey and corny, but I truly melt when I lay eyes on this man and get butterflies everytime he kisses me..no matter how long we’ve been together…I got them this morning!)


I got lucky when I snapped up this man, he is the most amazing supportive partner I have ever had. Yeah, I know all wives say that, I mean it. He is cantankerous, and opinionated, and drives me up a wall most days. Buuuuut, he is sweet, supportive, helpful, INVOLVED, attentive. All the great qualities you look for in a marriage! He is definitely my human! He loves all 4 of our little monsters and he helps them grow and become their individual little selves by supporting them emotionally, physically, and mentally (not to mention financially, do you know how much money 4 almost teens need? Chess club, choir, STEM, brain bowl, field trips, coffee…its insane!). At the end of the day, he is my happy place and my calm.


Now, after all that, I get to me. I am so many things to so many people. I am a Family Advocate, who loves her families a little too much. I love the work I do and I do it, because I want to make a difference. My job takes a lot out of me, it is very emotionally heavy, and sometimes I get too attached. But it is only because I have so much love in my heart.


I am an Account Manager for a property preservation firm, a job that I also love. I get the honor of telling contractors what to do across the country on a daily basis, I handle a large account and I’m working on growing a smaller account to be just as big. I love the challenge and the satisfaction I get from the job. On top of all that, I work for the most amazing people ( Yes, I am bias, they are my best friends).


I work 2 full time jobs, which keeps me pretty busy. Everyday when I am finished, all I want to do is spend time with my kids and husband, and lay around doing nothing. I don’t really have a social life aside from family and work, and I am completely content in that.

I do SELF CARE! I love to paint, abstract mostly, but I perfect my technique as I go. I love creating art. I write, poems, short stories, I have been working on a novel forevvvvver, that is not even past chapter 1. I blog, obviously, which keeps things interesting, because I get to tell everyone how I feel, raise awareness for Diabetes, and interact with people which I love to do. I also do small stuff, make jewelry, crochet, I’m about to teach myself to knit…etc. I make sure that I am always working on my self awareness and self love.


Well, you have now met me, and know a little about the person behind the keyboard!

Thanks for stopping by!



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