Egg Roll Wrappers…..My greatest discovery this week!!!

Today I was on Twitter, re-tweeting low carb recipes for my readers when I saw a recipe for Rangoon’s. I had been thinking about what I was going to cook for dinner and thought they looked delicious!


Then I thought to myself that I had Cabbage (it’s one of my favorite go to veggies) ground beef, cream cheese, onions, green chile and wondered if I could create my own recipe with ingredients I already had, I really try not to do the nightly grocery run, it tends to get pricey, although I was going have to go get the wrappers at least.


I did what any Hungry Momma would do…..I googled! Oh my Goodness! So many egg roll wrapper recipes, basically you can stick the ingredients of anything you like (i.e. Chicken Parmigiana, Chicken Alfredo, Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas…) into the wrap, fry it in a healthy oil (Olive oil, coconut oil) and waaaala, a delicious low carb dinner, lunch or snack and even breakfast!


As I’m scrolling through all these recipes I was smitten! I have been meal planning and as I’ve stated before, I try to stick to chicken recipes with low carbs, I LOVE CHICKEN, and it loves me. It doesn’t feel heavy after a meal and I can literally season it a thousand different ways to keep it interesting aaaand it’s cheap. 10lb bag of chicken breast at Walmart is $19.98 and that takes care of me for a couple weeks by myself or a week for my whole family. Red meats tend to feel super heavy to me when I eat them, pork and fish are on the pricier side so I only buy them occasionally when a sale hits.


Eating healthy on a budget can be done, and I am not only discovering that, but perfecting it!

giphy (1)

Back to Egg Roll Wrappers…. They are $2.49 for 18oz at Safeway. I’m sure they are cheaper at Walmart and even better at Costco or Sams.

They are vegan, can be frozen (so can be purchased in bulk) have 0 sugars and even include 3 grams of protein. They do have 14 grams of Carbs, but if you fill them with little to no carb ingredients, than you can consume 3 Wrappers is one meal sucessfully getting you to that eventual “FULL” feeling.


Also, makes them a perfect snack, 1 wrapper with some meat and veggies can be an in between meal to sustain you the extra couple hours between lunch and dinner, which is always my hard time. I eat lunch at noon at work, but don’t usually get home and cook until 6 or 7 pm. I need a little something between 3 and 4 pm to prevent a low blood sugar prior to dinner.


Egg Roll wrappers are going to be super fun to experiment with…in fact, I will talk to you guys later, I am off to throw together some ingredients and make myself a delicious, low carb smorgasbord!

giphy (2)

Before I go though, tell me about your experiences with Egg Roll Wrappers! Do you have any low cost wonders like them to share too? I am always looking for ideas! Share them with me!!! Pretty please!


As always my loves,

Have a great night,


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