I gave up Potatoes (well starches in general)….

I gave up potatoes and starches in general….

Yes, you heard that right. Potatoes, I substitute with the occasional yam or sweet potato when there is a large craving, but for the most part, I’m off potatoes for good.  Yes folks, including french fries!

I never in a million years thought I would ever give up my favorite food. EVER!

But I did.

Prior to giving them up I tried to portion them, or eat “healthier” potatoes (red, fingerling…etc.) and to no avail. My blood sugars would reach heights of 400+ every time I consumed them.

giphy (1)

I am Hispanic, potatoes or ‘papas’ are life. I could literally eat them for every meal, sadly in my case, I might as well be taking a drop of poison daily instead. They are slowly killing me. I grew up on papas and eggs, add in a little Chorizo, Mmmmmm, heaven in my mouth. Mashed potatoes with country gravy, loaded baked potatoes, I could Bubba Gump potatoes all day long. Not to mention the beans, corn tortilla…etc.  Damn starches taste so good, why do they have to be so bad.


In December I made the huge decision to give up soda to lower my A1c of 11. A couple weeks later (still sans soda) I chose to up the anty and stop eating potatoes and any starches if I could help it. This is not easy and let me tell you, the first couple weeks were absolute HELL!

My family didn’t stop eating potatoes or beans or corn or any other starch I love to consume en masse. I watched them eat them everyday, even though they did taper back to try to support me.

I talk a lot about my lack of willpower, the reason I believed my Diabetes was a death sentence, so for me to not eat potatoes…etc. when my family was, is a miracle. I am not sure where the willpower I have had lately has come from, but I am not complaining.

I feel like Wonder Woman. I feel powerful. And it is literally just because I have managed to choose to not eat these foods, and I have stuck to that decision.


Now aside from me feeling like Wonder Woman over such a small accomplishment, lets talk about how my body feels shall we….

Amazing. Energetic. WAY WAY less fatigued. Less sluggish.

To be quite honest, I feel like a whole new woman.

giphy (2).gif

I always read the articles that talk about changing your diet, and clean eating, they always say how your body feels so amazing and you have more energy. I never believed that just simply eating less starches and carbs would actually make me feel better. Until now.

I have motivation again, I have drive. I feel like going for that walk at the end of the day with my dog. Feel like staying up and playing board games with my kids. It feels like this sudden burst of energy that I haven’t had since my teen years.

Moral of the story: Giving up starches as a diabetic was a phenomenal decision and if you are a diabetic and you can reduce the starch intake, it WILL feel good!

How many of you have given up starches? How many of you have given up any other foods? How do you keep from eating them?


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