Idle Hands make you hungry…

We have all heard the saying about “Idle Hands” and it is true. Life has taught us that we all find ways to entertain ourselves when idle. Nowadays, its scrolling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever social media we partake in, but even that is being idle. Boredom directly effects our brain and sometimes leads to false hunger. Ever find yourself eating and you didn’t actually feel hungry? I used to find myself feeling that way all the time.

Boredom binging. We all do it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sitting up late at night with my husband watching TV and I get the urge to eat, not hunger, I just want to be eating. I give in to this urge WAY too often. It was one of my major vices, right along with starches and soda. I even kept super unhealthy foods around like chips and dip, popcorn (which actually isn’t SUPER unhealthy unless consumed in abundance) , sweets(Ohhhhh, my favorite emotional eating food, CINNAMON ROLLS, also, a horribly awful carb with sugar coating on top.), honey buns… y’all get the picture.


Early December when I decided I was just done feeling like Sh*t, I started changing things slowly, I have said in the past that willpower and I are not friends. So, I began to change one thing at a time, starting with soda after my Egg Nog incident and being in the hospital. I started noticing that I could eat great healthy low carb foods all day without a problem, even dinner had been pretty easy. It was the night time that was hard, I kept reverting back while hanging out with my hubby in bed watching TV together (this is a nightly ritual for us, we make sure to find ‘us’ time on a daily basis). At first I thought about going to bed earlier, to prevent my need to snack, but then I would lose that precious kid free time with the love of my life (yes folks, that probably wasn’t necessary, so sue me, I love him!) every night.

I decided I need to find something to keep my hands busy. I am a family advocate, and I work with a lot of families, some of those families crochet, I had seen their amazing creations, and watched a couple work on blankets, hats…etc. It fascinated me. My Great grandmother “Grandma McAtee” (God rest her soul) tried to teach me when I was 9, I never quite got past the crocheting a giant rope.


Fortunately for me, I am one of those people that can watch you do something, decide I want to do it, and just learn. Yes, it is that easy, but only if it interests me. Too bad rocket science didn’t interest me right? Or coding for that matter, I could be making a fortune! That being said, I got off work one day, marched myself to Walmart and the yarn section, purchased a crap ton of yarn and crochet needles and went to town. In one month I have graduated from making ear warmers, to scarves, to hats! My family is super warm this year!

Soon after being obsessed with crocheting, several things happened. I no longer needed my Xanax or anxiety meds as often, the crocheting calmed me like nothing ever had before, I barely picked up my phone, in fact, I would forget about it for long periods all together and best of all, I STOPPED FEELING THE URGE TO EAT OUT OF BOREDOM!!!

I am not saying this would work for all of you, I’m not saying crochet is your thing, but there is something out there that is. Find your hobby, your reason to forget about your phone, and keep those hand busy!

Moral of the blog is like I said in the beginning: Idle hands make you hungry. Don’t boredom binge…CROCHET! (Or whatever fun activity you enjoy)

Goodnight to you all, I am off to work on my Hubby’s blanket and watch some TV with him! Remember that not only is this idea great for that boredom binging, but it also works for self care as well.

As always, I love you all!



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