Learning how to feel the “LOWS”

Good Morning Loves!

I am having a heck of a time learning how to recognize when my sugar is low. I have the highs down pat, as prior to me jumping on this wagon, I basically stayed in all day, every day.


Low is a whole new ball game for me. Last night when I got off work, the family and I went to Walmart to shop, and of course I was feeling tired, I mean I stayed up super late the night before, I have had some serious stress over the past week, some family stuff had happened with my sister earlier, and I had been working all day, My body was physically and emotionally drained, so a normal feeling, or so I thought.

When we got done we came home and that ‘tired’ feeling was so overwhelming I went straight to my bed to lay down for a while and crochet, just get some rest while the hubby and kids ate dinner. I dozed off within about 5 minutes.


My hubby came in the room and immediately decided to check my sugar for me around 8:45 when he was putting our kids to bed.

giphy (2)

Which is funny, because he is SUPER squeamish when it comes to me poking myself and for him to do it, well that is love. He can’t do needles of any kind ***Spoiler Alert*** I have to hold his hand if he gets stitches or anything at the doctors…shhhh, don’t tell him I told you! (Luckily, he is not an avid reader of my blog or in general, lol)

giphy (4)

Anyways… he had my daughter help him take my blood sugar, which I barely woke up for, I could feel them touching me, but was in a weird sleep trance. It was LOW, especially for me, I was at 86.

giphy (3)

Thank God for this sweet man I am married to, he is just amazing. He went to the kitchen, cut me an Apple and brought up Peanut butter and proceeded to actually feed me, and as excessive as that sounds, I could barely move, I didn’t tell him that, because my Diabetes terrifies him as it is, but my limbs did not want to cooperate at all, so I allowed him to scoop up peanut butter with each slice and feed it to me.

It took almost an hour for me to feel ok enough to move. for which he stayed by my side the entire time. After that hour, he made me a couple sandwiches and I ate them and then we laid around and talked. He didn’t mention that I had scared him, even though I knew I had, and I didn’t mention how bad off I actually was, although I knew that he knew.

I always believed that lows came with the shakes, and weakness, not just a tired feeling. Now when I feel tired, I am going to check my sugar immediately, even if I feel like it is fully justified with my crazy schedule. I do know that stress can mess with my numbers too, but again, I always thought it made them higher, but with this new diet, more activity, and proper meds, I am playing a new game that I did not have the rules for.

What are some of the feelings you guys get when you are low vs. high?

Do you have ‘tells’ that give you an idea of your sugar levels?

How many times a day on average are you testing?

Tell me about some of your experiences with this and how you have learning to handle it.


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