Hello My Lovelies!

Where have I been you ask? Where did The Hungry Momma go?! I have been sick, down with the flu and then Mono, yes Mono, the kissing disease. Never had it in my life and then my daughter brings it home from school, drinking off my drinks and spreads it to this diabetic immune system like wildfire.


I have never felt so tired in my life.


In the midst of all this, my poor daughter is a complete opposite of herself. Lethargic, withdrawn and exhausted. Poor kid, breaks my heart ( Even if the she-devil spread it to her Momma)

On the Diabetic front, my Endocrinologist put me through enough blood tests to feed a starving fleet of Vampires.


Lots of good news, my cholesterol, triglycerides…etc. Are pretty on point, Tri’s are barely high and Cholesterol is perfect, so that relieved some stress. My Pancreas still produces some insulin, not a lot, but some. That is a plus! I got the new Metformin extended release and THAT IS MY FAVORITE!

Now for the best news yet, my A1c is down from 11.5 to 8.9!!!!!! That is right folks, I gave up soda, and I have been mostly ( I still have bad days) following my diet so well I dropped in just 2 months!


So, this Hungry Momma is hopefully back for good. Stay tuned for something new tomorrow 🙂

Goodnight everyone!


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