My experience with an Exercise Ball

I got an Exercise ball to replace my desk chair. My husband made the very presumptuous declaration that I wouldn’t last a half hour on it! I have been on it all day long! And…. I LOVE IT!

Me…all day today!



So, here is my experience so far.

  • I have been moving all day
  • My back popped at numerous times, in a good way, it is like it slowly aligned all day, I have been sitting up super straight.
  • My butt and thighs are actually feeling the burn, when I stood to walk to the bathroom, it felt like I had worked out all day. (I can only imagine what tomorrow will be like)
  • My ADHD is appeased! Since I can bounce, I’m not as stir crazy, I was able to remain at my computer for a full 2 hours, without needing to get up and walk around. That is a record.
  • My abs are feeling the burn the MOST! I can’t tell you how I am using them so much, but W.O.W. they feel it.

Today is just the first day, so not exact science and I’m not telling you to run out and buy one (This one was $8 and some change at Walmart) but as of right now, I am not complaining and I am hoping this helps me tone some tummy before my actual wedding day in June(Note, he is my Fiance, but I already call him my husband! Why not get a head start on my Happily ever after!)

Stay tuned! I might have flat abs soon….yeah right, as I stuff my face with the Pumpkin Cheesecake my co-worker brought in! (Yes Y’all, I took my insulin and my sugars were perfectly on point today)




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