Book Review!! J.D. Robb Secrets in Death

Where do I begin?

#1 I love J.D. Robb! I absolutely love the ‘In Death’ series and have read every single one…well almost, I’m in the first few chapters of Dark in Death right now!

Nora Roberts and I have a long standing friendship, well in my head anyways, I have read so many of her books and have an ongoing goal to read them all.

Her books are so vivid, real, and they just pull you in like you are part of the story, standing next to Peabody as she jiggles in her pink skids, and her pink magic coat.

If they made these in to movies I would die!

Fangirl all day, every day!

Can we talk about Roarke? Dreamboat, Irish, accent, romantic and sexy as hell. I don’t know about the image y’all have come up with, but holy damn that man! I mean a bajillion books later, he is still carrying that button in his suit pocket. *Swoon*


Ok, sorry, I fangirled and got distracted. Secrets In Death…

…..was phenomenal as are all of the ‘In Death’ series.


If you go any further just know…..I warned you.



Nora or J. D. has done is again! Secrets in Death is another perfect installment to her #1 New York Times Best Selling series.

We enter to the usual cast, Eve Dallas ( Bad ass cop, who takes no shit), her partner Peabody or ‘She-body’ according to EDD expert McNab (Her loving boyfriend), Roarke ( the ex-criminal, super MAG, sexy and romantic (Now husband) of Eve Dallas.

The book starts out with Eve meeting up with Dewinter at Du Vin, a swanky bar, owned by Roarke of course (since he owns the known universe) . While Eve is meeting with Dewinter, Larinda mars is fatally wounded in the bathroom downstairs by an unknown threat. She staggers in the room, bleeding profusely and hits the floor. Luckily, Eve is right there to react immediately, with Dewinter and another doctor who happens to be in the bar as well. Unfortunately, Mars dies from her injury, a single slice the the artery running through her arm, but Eve is able to secure the scene quickly and start her investigation with a head start.

As the story goes on, Eve discovers pretty quickly that Mars has been blackmailing a large amount of celebrities and their lackeys on a pretty  large scale. She quickly determines that this has to be motive.

Throughout the investigation she discovers that Mars tried to get information on her, Roarke, Nadine and even her best friend and sister by all definition except blood, Mavis Freestone. This fuels her need to continue digging and quite frankly pisses her off, per the usual, Eve does the job and finds the justice for Mars, doesn’t mean she has the like the woman she was.

While conversing with Morris, Eve is told that Mars had significant work done on her, face and body reconstruction, but that there is no significant medical reason on file for the work. Leading Eve to conclude that she changed her identity and begin to dig in that direction. Upon the declaration she pulls in Dewinter to reconstruct what Mars would have looked like before all the plastic surgery and implants. Of course that is not going to be a super fast process, so Eve leaves them to it and begins to dig in that direction.

She discovers that Mars Identity is squeaky clean, no marks, negative and nothing before age 12. Giving her confirmation that Mars paid big to have an old identity wiped away and a new one manufactured in it’s place.

She does that job and in her investigating runs across a few people that stand out, but one that stands out the most and vibes her wrong from the beginning. (I won’t spoil who, you gotta read it.)

In the end Eve Dallas gets her man, while along the way has a couple torrid love making scene with Roarke that will make your toes curls. On a personal note, Eve is dealing with her nightmares a lot better and has made some progress with Summerset after holding a secret of his for a long time (Hence the title “Secrets in Death” This book cover so many secrets people are keeping and is really entertaining. It keep you engaged and wanting to keep reading. I lost sleep reading this one, couldn’t put it down.

Dewinter gets a significantly larger role in this book as well, we are getting to know her, which suggests that she will be a new installment to Eve’s inner circle, she will become Eve’s just as Peabody, Nadine and Mavis have in past books as she has built her life since meeting Mavis and making her first friend. I’m excited to see where that goes…and will soon, as I’m already reading ‘Dark in Death’ which is the next installment to the series.


Happy Reading my Mommas. You won’t ever be disappointed with this Author!

Find an entire list of all her works here!


Couldn’t we just imagine the movies?





Peabody and McNab



Oh it would be so MAG!

Later Lovelies,



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