Family Chaos

I have 4 beautiful children, I’ve talked about them a few times. I was fortunate enough that God gave me four beautiful challenges. They are all Special needs to a certain degree. Older Two are ADHD combined and younger two, well they have a list of diagnoses, ADHD Combined, Asperger Syndrome Autism, Adjustment disorders…those two are a handful.

giphy (1)

The last week has been insane. Keegan (almost 13 and my oldest) was suspended for fighting. 3 day evict from school. Isabelle (11 and my second baby) Suspended off the bus for hopping seats and eating, and still fighting off the lovely Mononucleosis, mixed with hormonal fits as it’s her time of the month, certainly makes things interesting. Elijah ( 9 and obviously 3rd born as I seem to be going in order) Broke his arm and had to have surgery this week. Jonathan (8 and lives with his Daddy) is having the time of his life at Disneyland with an Aunt and Uncle this week.

As you can see, my life is never boring, add in that the hubby is sick (pretty sure from the same Mono my daughter and I have) and his joint is his knee is swollen, I am still battling Mono and I fell down my stairs and rolled my ankle on the way to Elijah’s surgery, been working on purchasing a coffee shop with my best friend annnnnnd working my two full time jobs and you have the perfect mix that would drive a normal person insane.


Good Thing I am far from Normal.

I have my bad days, my days where “I just can’t even…”, but most days I relish in my chaos. I have talked about self care before and how we have to find those moments in small spaces of our time to be just for ourselves. I do this extremely often, sometimes multiple times a day. 5 minutes of silent breathing, 10 minutes of reading my book (whatever book that is at the time), Listening to some classical music with my eyes closed while waiting for a phone call or in line. I spend a “few minutes” throughout the day just on me.

How does this relate to Diabetes? Stress. Stress can actually raise my sugars pretty quickly on it’s own. When I am sick, or those days where I couldn’t even, my sugars are the worst. I have had to learn to reduce those.

Therapy. The taboo of seeing a therapist, its hooey! With my day to day, my very emotional draining job, and my own childhood trauma, I see someone once a week, on schedule or my whole week is off it’s rocker. I need that one very self centered hour to unload all the weeks chaos and to leave feeling renewed and refreshed. Yes, that is how I feel every time, even lighter.


We all have our own Family Chaos, each of us, and it is always different. We are not normal, normal isn’t a thing.


Meaning what is normal to me, could be very much not normal to someone else.


Revel in your own chaos and learn to take those moments.

Does anyone else feel like life is chaotic?

Tell me about it, I honestly would love to know?

Ta ta for today my lovelies!




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