Writing my Bio

No one realizes just how hard it is to write a bio on yourself. What do you say? Who are you?

Basically, it is a time of reflection upon yourself. I have been stuck and blocked when it has come to writing my bio.

I am…

A mother, who loves her children dearly.

A Wife who enjoys making her Husband smile.

A friend who would bend over backwards to make sure my friends were ok.

A diabetic, who loves food and has issues following her correct diet.

A writer, I love to write about just anything that may catch someones eye, or that I am feeling.

A photographer, I love to capture moments.

An Advocate for families in need.

A hard-assed Property preservation Account Manager that takes no shit from contractors.

A painter, this one very few people know, I love textures and abstract painting.

How do I fit all of these things into one box?

How do I spit out a paragraph that is all about me?

Hello, I’m Jennifer Jaramillo, I am a proud Mother of four wonderful, yet challenging children. A Wife to a man with the greatest sense of humor. I am a loyal friend to those close enough to me to call me their friend. I am a lover of all food, especially cinnamon rolls! I enjoy writing, painting, and reading in my spare time. During the day, I am a Family Advocate and I run a program called Colorado Community Response. By night or late afternoon, I am a Property Preservation Account Manager, who juggles contractors and clients. I also run my own business called: Tilted Crown Photography. I love taking pictures and capturing moments. I am what some would call a “Jack of all trades” I do a little bit of everything.

That was harder than it looks, I assure you. I guess all I needed was to line out who I am as a whole. Then toss it into words in a paragraph.

Thanks for reading my process!


Never forget…I love all my readers! Comment, Like, Share and message me!!!




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