Family Chaos

I have 4 beautiful children, I've talked about them a few times. I was fortunate enough that God gave me four beautiful challenges. They are all Special needs to a certain degree. Older Two are ADHD combined and younger two, well they have a list of diagnoses, ADHD Combined, Asperger Syndrome Autism, Adjustment disorders...those two … Continue reading Family Chaos


Idle Hands make you hungry…

We have all heard the saying about "Idle Hands" and it is true. Life has taught us that we all find ways to entertain ourselves when idle. Nowadays, its scrolling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever social media we partake in, but even that is being idle. Boredom directly effects our brain and sometimes leads to … Continue reading Idle Hands make you hungry…

Egg Roll Wrappers…..My greatest discovery this week!!!

Today I was on Twitter, re-tweeting low carb recipes for my readers when I saw a recipe for Rangoon's. I had been thinking about what I was going to cook for dinner and thought they looked delicious! Then I thought to myself that I had Cabbage (it's one of my favorite go to veggies) ground … Continue reading Egg Roll Wrappers…..My greatest discovery this week!!!

The Hungry Momma Diet

So. Many. FAD. Diets. Ugh, they are everywhere you turn. Paleo Diet, Keto Diet, South Beach Diet, Low carb diet, LCHF diet, Vegan Diet(No meat!!!) never stops. The question is, which one is best? I personally believe that a balance of them all is best and I'm calling my diet the HUNGRY MOMMA DIET...(I am … Continue reading The Hungry Momma Diet